3 x Brighter & more consistent illumination of the road, and increases comfort & reduces fatigue when driving at night.

Produces blue/white light that is safer because it is closer to natural daylight

10 x longer lasting No need to replace for the life of the vehicle

50% less power consumption, thus generate much less heat during operation

Kit includes:

· 2 x Xenon bulb
· 2 x ballast
· Installation bracket
· Instructions



H1 NOW £79.00 Was £189
H3 NOW £79.00 Was £189
H4 NOW £79.00 Was £189
H7 NOW £79.00 Was £189
HB4/9006 NOW £79.00 Was £189
HB3/9005 NOW £79.00 Was £189

HID Differences & Advantages:

  Halogen Bulb HID Xenon Bulb
Light Source Filament Arc Discharge
Colour Temperature 3,000k or less 6,000k or above
Lumens 700 – 1,000 2,600 – 3,200
Power (watts) 55W or above 35W
Bulb life 320 – 1,000 hours 3,000 hours


Fitting instructions

Important notice:

The following instructions are for the reference of a professional installer ONLY. All Xetronic products are recommended to be installed by a professional

Step 1. Turn off the vehicle. Remove the original halogen bulb from the light housing.
Step 2. Carefully remove the transparent plastic HID bulb protector. DO NOT TOUCH the bulb by hand
Step 3. Carefully insert the HID bulb module into the light housing of the vehicle.
Step 4. Make sure the HID bulb module is secured in position tightly to prevent water leak into the light housing
Step 5. Locate ballast in the vehicle where there is least heat and chance of contacting water.
Step 6. Firmly connect the two cables from the HID bulb module to the two cables from the ballast output port
Step 7. Firmly connect the two cables from the ballast input port to the anode and cathode of accumulator
Step 8. Turn on the vehicle and lights.
Make sure to adjust the angle and direction of the light beams to avoid excessive glare projecting to approaching traffic.